#goujonchat | Logs for 2017-10-24

[02:28:54] -!- snoozysoft [snoozysoft!5f90a62f@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[02:29:34] <snoozysoft> hmmm
[02:30:11] <snoozysoft> well, cant say im not surprised. wouldve been cool if this just ended up being an accidental hang out for pals who enjoyed FF and such
[02:30:29] <snoozysoft> ah well, guess the dream of being in an active irc channel is dead again, rip
[02:31:02] <snoozysoft> hope youre doing alright at least. you there, who is probably reading the chatlog of this. if it exists. hows things with you? ah, thats [good/bad/a shame/excellent]
[02:31:13] <snoozysoft> well, suppose i'd better get off then. ta ra.
[02:31:15] -!- snoozysoft has quit [Read error]