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[13:40:20] <Nikki> *\O/*
[13:40:55] <Nikki> X)
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[15:34:54] GoujonJohn changed topic of #goujonchat to: Join #FoundFootageQA and #Questions to take part in the post-finale QA session, Sunday 9:30pm!
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[20:13:00] * Nikki gets the nice comfy corner seat, as a reward for arriving early
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[20:21:45] <Nikki> hi mrak
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[20:22:50] * Nikki waves
[20:22:56] <mrak> oh hi
[20:24:17] * mrak does a little dance
[20:25:39] <Nikki> let's grab the comfy seats before everyone else does!
[20:27:17] <mrak> Sprawled out on the sofa already, hoping there are no upload issues this week
[20:27:46] <mrak> And also that this IRC client doesn't randomly crash like it did the first time I logged on :s
[20:27:54] <Nikki> heh :)
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[20:32:49] <Nikki> hi JustChecking
[20:33:02] <JustChecking> Hi
[20:33:09] <Nikki> GoujonBot, hello!
[20:33:09] <JustChecking> Just testing, will be back on later :)
[20:33:16] <Nikki> cool :)
[20:33:25] <JustChecking> With a proper name too :)
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[20:33:41] <mrak> GoujonBot: what is the best kind of goujon?
[20:33:57] <Nikki> it seems to have a few random responses :)
[20:34:13] <mrak> Soccer
[20:34:16] <mrak> Dang.
[20:34:30] <mrak> GoujonBot is no ZombieDave
[20:34:48] <GoujonJohn> We are ALL Goujon John.
[20:35:25] <mrak> I am GoujonJohn and so is my wife!
[20:40:34] <Nikki> ThatBunty has just put the goujons in the oven, ready for the finale
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[20:44:57] <Nikki> PeterkVT80, hi!!
[20:45:05] <PeterkVT80> Good evening
[20:45:11] <mrak> hallo, sir!
[20:47:52] <mrak> I feel ill-prepared having prepared precisely zero goujons for this event.
[20:48:45] <mrak> Especially since I fingered a pack of salt and pepper coated in Morrisons yesterday.
[20:49:13] <PeterkVT80> I had battered fish fillet. It is topologically the same as one big goujon.
[20:50:28] <mrak> Posh!
[20:50:50] <mrak> I prefer a humble piece of battered roe, generally.
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[20:51:40] <mrak> With full-on fillets reserved for special occasions/periods of extreme nihilism.
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[20:51:58] <mrak> Oh, he's gone.
[20:52:32] <PeterkVT80> I made my own tartare sauce.
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[20:52:57] <mrak> w/b JohnVeness
[20:53:24] <JohnVeness> hey. haven't done IRC for a long time.
[20:53:33] <PeterkVT80> Which is basically a dollop of mayo and mix in a blob of New York Deli Pickle.
[20:54:10] <mrak> haha
[20:54:53] <Nikki> this is making me hungry
[20:55:00] <Nikki> our goujons aren't ready yet
[20:55:28] <PeterkVT80> IRC was never my thing but the web app makes it simple enough
[20:55:29] <mrak> Do you have homemade poupon?
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[20:56:24] <Nikki> Glyn!!
[20:56:25] <Glyn> Evening all
[20:56:29] * Nikki waves
[20:56:39] <PeterkVT80> I don't think that homemade poupon exists unless you live inDijon
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[20:57:36] * Glyn waves back
[20:57:48] * Glyn Glyn waves back
[20:58:06] <Al__S> *\O/*
[20:58:08] <JohnVeness> Hi Glyn
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[20:58:17] <Glyn> Hello John :)
[20:58:20] <PeterkVT80> Sainsburys didn't have any. I got my poupon from Tesco.
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[20:58:56] <GhostWithoutAShell> My brahvins 🙏
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[20:59:00] <Nikki> our goujons are ready! just in time! :)
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[20:59:51] <Glyn> To all those having goujons tonight, may they taste BAD.
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[21:00:44] <GhostWithoutAShell> 🙏
[21:01:01] <Nikki> IT'S UP!
[21:01:07] <mrak> BUM TIME
[21:01:24] <mrak> only 20 mins?
[21:01:30] <GhostWithoutAShell> synthwave intro! 🙏
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[21:02:16] <Glyn> So 80s, so cool!
[21:02:26] <GhostWithoutAShell> hellyes
[21:02:36] <Glyn> WE SPOTTED THAT!
[21:02:48] <Glyn> It WAS the Vortex
[21:03:15] <GoujonJohn> It's me!
[21:03:54] <Glyn> All praise Goujon John!
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[21:07:34] <Glyn> Hello Flansy
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[21:09:27] <Glyn> New sound track!
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[21:14:54] <GhostWithoutAShell> 🙏 Violin Banson 🙏
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[21:18:09] <Glyn> Hello :)
[21:18:15] <MrBiffo> Evening!
[21:18:29] <Glyn> Loving the new soundtrack.
[21:18:54] <MrBiffo> Hopefully Chris will be here as well soon so you can tell him. He's a genius.
[21:18:54] <Nikki> v bladerunner, lovely :)
[21:19:26] <Glyn> Got a real Stranger Things vibe too.
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[21:19:51] <PeterkVT80> My God, it's full of goujons
[21:20:02] <MrBiffo> Yep. We were going for that lovely 80s synth vibe.
[21:20:08] <GhostWithoutAShell> ya it's all nicely synthwave '80s
[21:20:26] <GhostWithoutAShell> felt like jcvd or steven seagal was going to pop out from somewhere
[21:21:05] <MrBiffo> Hah! If only the budget stretched to them.
[21:21:10] <GhostWithoutAShell> ooh there's an after credits bit
[21:21:14] <FlansyC-Bong> Yo
[21:21:17] <DaveJustice> There I am! There I am!
[21:21:24] <DaveJustice> In the credits I mean
[21:21:38] <Nikki> oooh, post credits
[21:22:08] <MrBiffo> I slowed the credits right down this time, so everyone could see themselves on there.
[21:22:08] <Glyn> Beautiful!
[21:22:17] <GhostWithoutAShell> Yeah I saw myself too :)
[21:22:17] <DaveJustice> Nice one MrB
[21:22:24] <MrBiffo> Cheers, Dave.
[21:22:28] <FlansyC-Bong> Properly Terminator music going on there
[21:22:34] <Glyn> The extra bit after the credits, perfect.
[21:22:38] <DaveJustice> Ahhh, lovely message at the end :)
[21:22:41] <mrak> Me too :D Bums represent
[21:22:59] <DaveJustice> She's amazing Paul, you're very lucky
[21:23:04] <MrBiffo> Yeah, we chucked John Carpenter, Vangelis and Brad Fiedel into a blender.
[21:23:05] <chrisw> Synth music reminded me of Scarface a bit
[21:23:14] <MrBiffo> Cheers, Dave. I think so!
[21:23:19] <PeterkVT80> Thanks to Sid too
[21:23:24] <chrisw> (__x__)
[21:23:25] <MrBiffo> Shockingly, I've never seen Scarface.
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[21:23:32] <GhostWithoutAShell> :O
[21:23:36] <Nikki> I've never seen Scarface either
[21:23:40] <GhostWithoutAShell> :O
[21:23:47] <chrisw> must see!
[21:23:55] <Glyn> I've only seen it the once, wasn't a big fan and I do like gangster stuff.
[21:23:55] <MrBiffo> I've massive holes in my cinematic knowledge.
[21:23:57] <GhostWithoutAShell> It's very good, mayne
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[21:24:05] <mrak> Must've been a big blender.
[21:24:15] <MrBiffo> Size of a vortex.
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[21:25:16] <KaravanPark> A/S/L what are you into... ...sorry, force of habit
[21:25:28] <DaveJustice> 18/F/Cali
[21:25:33] <snoozysoft> that were quite the ending, eh
[21:25:37] <chrisw> 30/male/Bristol/goujons
[21:25:40] <DaveJustice> That's the answer I remember most from about 20 years ago...
[21:25:45] <Treacle> Well that was awesome, amusing and unexpectedly touching
[21:25:49] <GhostWithoutAShell> ah the good old days
[21:25:55] <GoujonJohn> Ageless/AI/Everywhere. Into goujons.
[21:25:58] <MrBiffo> Cheers, Treac.
[21:26:04] <PeterkVT80> 60/m/Glos.
[21:26:07] <GhostWithoutAShell> trolling #nsyncworld on chat-solutions irc 🙏
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[21:26:33] <snoozysoft> while im not entirely sure i fully understand what happened there, i definitely enjoyed it
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[21:26:44] <GhostWithoutAShell> Molotov was flippin' great
[21:26:51] <mrak> I'm lurking on #bubblegun on chat sol AS WE VERY SPEAK (TYPE)
[21:26:57] <chrisw> Any else find the sound a bit distorted in places?
[21:26:58] <mrak> (no one else there, obv)
[21:27:00] <snoozysoft> im hoping the few loose ends (that i think exist) will be sorted out whenever this beautiful show is revisited mind
[21:27:02] <GhostWithoutAShell> hehe
[21:27:12] <snoozysoft> chrisw yea it clipped in a couple places
[21:27:16] <Glyn> EGGS! Revisit the EGGS!
[21:27:27] <Treacle> Andy Wear is a very good actor
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[21:27:39] <MrBiffo> Molotov was indeed great. Alas, he can't be here tonight. He lives on an island, and he hasn't got any power this evening!
[21:27:53] <Glyn> I was surprised by how good Andy was having only seen him in Bad Influence.
[21:28:00] <KaravanPark> Seconded on the Andy Wear shout. Suspended my belief on something very silly
[21:28:03] <Glyn> Great range.
[21:28:09] <JohnVeness> I saw Nick's hand that time, Paul!
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[21:28:20] <MrBiffo> Chris: the sound was a big choppy in a few places on YouTube, but for some reason fine on my TV oddly.
[21:28:22] <mrak> I totally didn't recognise him at on the day of the shoot :s
[21:28:23] <JohnVeness> Nice credit for him, too
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[21:28:37] <MrBiffo> John: I hope Nick gets to see it.
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[21:28:56] <chrisw> Yeah, that is odd.
[21:28:57] <FlansyC-Bong> Goujon John messing with Mr B there
[21:29:18] <GoujonJohn> Just setting up for the Q&A, FlansyC-Bong
[21:29:19] <Xxxxx> Noooo ooooo what did you do to my audio??? (jk. Not been able to watch yet!)
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[21:29:35] <Treacle> Even delivering ridiculous lines with complete conviction without going in to parody.
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[21:30:05] <KaravanPark> Violent Burning was good as the crazed cultist
[21:30:09] <Graknorke> Wow that was spectacular.
[21:30:10] <Xxxxx> Oh other Chris! Damn I've blown my cover!
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[21:30:41] <MrBiffo> Treat: yep - first time we rehearsed the bit where he talks about his daughter I got goosebumps!
[21:30:41] <DX-7> Are there a number of Chris type people in disguise?
[21:30:44] GhostWithoutAShell is now known as Eyebrows
[21:30:58] <mrak> that pan-up at the start was very impressive yet subtle
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[21:31:15] <MrBiffo> Everyone: Xxxxx is Chris Bullock who reordered our sound, and was stuck in the bunker with the rest of us.
[21:31:20] * liverandonions coughs
[21:31:34] * Eyebrows tickles a goujon
[21:31:43] <mrak> Teat!
[21:31:49] * chrisw tries to remember how to use IRC
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[21:31:53] <Eyebrows> Bamboozled!
[21:31:57] <MrBiffo> Reordered? Recorded even.
[21:32:03] <Xxxxx> God it's like the 90s
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[21:32:07] <snoozysoft> i was gonna say, what would unordered sound be like
[21:32:11] * JohnVeness remembers how to emote
[21:32:11] <Nikki> Xxxxx, nice work :)
[21:32:17] <GeekyGirl> ha yesvery 90s
[21:32:18] <Xxxxx> Vrry much like my speech
[21:32:22] <MrBiffo> I think this is meant to be structured somehow, but I dunno what I'm doing!
[21:32:23] <DaveJustice> Needs more #warez to be like my 90's IRC....
[21:32:36] <snoozysoft> someone start a scene group in goujon johns name
[21:32:40] -!- DX-7 [DX-7!5ac6d00e@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[21:32:47] <jim> loved it
[21:32:57] -!- DX-7 has quit [Read error]
[21:32:59] <MrBiffo> Cheers, jim.
[21:33:08] <Glyn> General chat here, questions in #Questions Then we copy and paste them to #FoundFootageQA
[21:33:11] -!- CJJC [CJJC!5ac6d00e@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
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[21:33:25] <JohnVeness> Hi Chris, great music
[21:33:33] <mrak> 60uj0n j0hn'5 3l173 h4ck1n6 cr3w
[21:33:39] <CJJC> Hello, folks. And thanks.
[21:33:40] <gaz> This is like going down dixons in the 1990s and writing rude messages on the PCs on display
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[21:33:52] <MrBiffo> Right. I'm off to #FoundFootageQA
[21:33:52] <JohnVeness> Nick, is that you?
[21:34:04] <snoozysoft> oh hey its music chris! hi music chris, i loved your musical stylings
[21:34:04] <MrBiffo> Here he is - it's CJJC!
[21:34:10] -!- retromonkey has quit [Read error]
[21:34:11] <Xxxxx> This is getting like a séance
[21:34:20] <Eyebrows> 🙏
[21:34:27] -!- Nick has quit [Read error]
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[21:34:33] <Glyn> If anyone has any questions post them up in #Questions, everything else in here. :)
[21:34:41] <CJJC> This isn’t that? I need to work out how to get in the Q&A then. I didn’t do much IRC chat back in the day.
[21:34:48] -!- LV54Spacemonkey [LV54Spacemonkey!520347c5@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[21:34:54] -!- MatthewSmith [MatthewSmith!4e938af7@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[21:34:54] <Eyebrows> Just click on the #Questions bit
[21:34:57] <Glyn> Yellow banner at the top.
[21:35:03] <Treacle> Yeah, music was stunning. Saw John Carpenter live last year and that was at least one par with the stuff he was playing
[21:35:09] <harrymedium> The music was great throughout the series - nice work.
[21:35:11] <Eyebrows> and/or the #FoundFootageQA <- bit
[21:35:24] <Glyn> Yeah, that's the important one for the answers.
[21:35:31] <Glyn> The Blue Ticks live there.
[21:35:45] -!- Horsenburger [Horsenburger!d56a0ee7@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[21:35:46] <GoujonJohn> We should be starting the Q&A soon! Join #Questions to ask questions, and the panel will answer them in the #FoundFootageQA room!
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[21:35:57] <CJJC> Treacle Cheers!
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[21:36:15] <FlansyC-Bong> Ooh, don't want to be booted. Hi! I'm Flansy C-Bong.
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[21:37:31] <Glyn> We won't boot you Flansy, just renounce Xenoxxx...
[21:37:34] -!- Wonkybearhead [Wonkybearhead!560613cd@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[21:37:34] <FlansyC-Bong> That shut you all up
[21:37:39] <graywoo> How does this work?
[21:37:52] <JohnVeness> hi flansy
[21:37:55] <Glyn> Questions go in #Questions
[21:38:05] <FlansyC-Bong> Goujons go in #Goujons
[21:38:07] <Glyn> Answers appear in #FoundFootageQA
[21:38:26] -!- graywoo has quit [Read error]
[21:38:42] -!- ddffr3ccdddcdd [ddffr3ccdddcdd!520b6b5d@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[21:38:49] -!- Thursdaysfae [Thursdaysfae!6d9135f8@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[21:39:46] <Eyebrows> Cannot join channel: Goujon supply is limited. :(
[21:39:52] <Treacle> Really wish I'd set up the laptop, doing this on my phone is a nightmare
[21:39:53] -!- Al__S has quit [Read error]
[21:39:59] <snoozysoft> you can only have so many goujons, eyebrows
[21:40:03] -!- Squirmelia [Squirmelia!5751a1bf@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[21:40:17] <FlansyC-Bong> You can only have so many eyebrows?
[21:40:18] <Eyebrows> I guess that is so
[21:40:20] <FlansyC-Bong> Oh wait
[21:40:31] <snoozysoft> your eyebrow supply is also very much limited
[21:40:34] <Eyebrows> Yes one can only one one of me
[21:40:43] <Eyebrows> Too much is never enough
[21:40:55] -!- Wonkybearhead has quit [Read error]
[21:41:06] <chrisw> Wish I'd set up an IRC cilent with multiple windows.
[21:41:15] -!- Cube [Cube!4d646f34@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[21:41:19] <snoozysoft> what if you disconnect and reconnect instantly and your nickname turns into Eyebrows2
[21:41:40] <Cube> fucking hell, IRC and digitizer i'm young again
[21:41:46] <Eyebrows> One or more of us would be sucked in to the Vortext
[21:41:50] <chrisw> *digitiser
[21:41:51] <Eyebrows> except with one less t
[21:41:59] <CJJC> Hi, Horsenburger!
[21:42:11] <snoozysoft> the alternate realities could always do with some more eyebrows come to think about it
[21:42:24] <mrak> I'm using Limechat due to Mac-poncery otherwise I'd be mIRCing it like oldtimes :)
[21:42:27] <Eyebrows> I agree!
[21:42:38] <snoozysoft> the problem is now if ever id want to say the word eyebrows im now also dinging the person going by the name eyebrows
[21:42:49] <snoozysoft> name like a bloody jerkcity character or something
[21:42:49] <Eyebrows> You sure are!
[21:42:56] -!- Y4nni [Y4nni!56923f7b@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[21:43:42] <LV54Spacemonkey> Loved the Carpenter/Goblin/DiCola style music int hat finale.
[21:44:26] -!- Squirmelia has quit [Quit: Squirmelia]
[21:44:28] <DaveJustice> MrB, were there any farting noises while filming or all dubbed in?
[21:44:41] <DaveJustice> I can see that causing issues with laughter...
[21:44:50] -!- Squirmelia [Squirmelia!Jodi@828F3F1D.8B1F6CBA.E9F84524.IP] has joined #goujonchat
[21:45:29] -!- chriswyatt [chriswyatt!wyattmeist@F0F00DB4.76E4D08B.AFB3E186.IP] has joined #goujonchat
[21:45:29] <snoozysoft> what does "bw" even stand for anyway. or is that just his name.
[21:45:35] -!- SpineyOS [SpineyOS!8afbcd79@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[21:45:37] <snoozysoft> been wondering about this ever since i saw biffovision
[21:46:15] <Cube> so is it questions in here and they get sifted to t'other place then
[21:46:27] <chrisw> mIRC set up, now chriswyatt
[21:46:30] <snoozysoft> no questions in #Questions
[21:46:43] <Cube> oho, ta
[21:46:45] <snoozysoft> i just asked about the bw thing in here beacuse its not specifically found footage related
[21:46:48] -!- rarararar [rarararar!939334bc@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[21:47:09] <Eyebrows> So are you an enthusiast about the film Cube, Cube, or are you Ice Cube, or some other Cube?
[21:47:51] <mrak> Rubik's
[21:47:52] <mrak> Game
[21:47:54] -!- Xxxxx has quit [Read error]
[21:48:00] <Cube> i'm just a prototype cube
[21:48:43] <Cube> 7 faces, 23 corners, 4 vertices
[21:48:52] <snoozysoft> impressive
[21:48:56] <KaravanPark> are you the companion cube?
[21:49:00] <Eyebrows> woah
[21:49:11] <Eyebrows> that's my kind of physics
[21:49:29] * liverandonions waves at squirmelia
[21:49:58] -!- ddffr3ccdddcdd has quit [Read error]
[21:50:54] <chriswyatt> I was hoping they'd do an ode to the Mario Bros movie, with a load of bumfaces dancing in a lift
[21:51:02] <Y4nni> I have a few questions; Who did the awesome music score for the finale, and what cameras did you use to film it?
[21:51:03] -!- Uncle_Mentuss [Uncle_Mentuss!05464f86@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[21:51:31] <Eyebrows> it's weird being in this irc environ now. i have the urge to "like" comments
[21:51:41] <CJJC> Remember, questions in #Questions :)
[21:52:12] <Cube> i've legit caught myself second-guessing the pronunciation of goujon a lot of late
[21:52:21] <FlansyC-Bong> How do I change my username in this thing? Just log out and back in?
[21:52:30] <Eyebrows> . /nick blah
[21:52:39] mrak is now known as Smilin_Peter
[21:52:39] <snoozysoft> as i was sayin, i think the pronounciations were accidents biffo kept rather than requesting a change
[21:53:01] <FlansyC-Bong> ./nick DoYouLikeChaps
[21:53:05] <FlansyC-Bong> aww
[21:53:09] <Eyebrows> . /nick MyNewName, flansy, albeit without the dot-space at the start
[21:53:15] Smilin_Peter is now known as mrak
[21:53:15] <snoozysoft> in the brown mirror behind the scenes article thingy, mr b mentions the new gj skit was meant to be "artisan" but he pronounced it "artesian"
[21:53:23] FlansyC-Bong is now known as DoYouLikeChaps
[21:53:29] -!- Treacle has quit [Ping timeout: 180 seconds]
[21:53:29] <LV54Spacemonkey> OK, Goujon theory. The one time Goujon John said Goujon correctly that was the real Goujon John. The rest were AI. Also, it was an accident.
[21:53:31] <DoYouLikeChaps> Yippee! Thank you
[21:53:36] <chriswyatt> Noticed that Goujon John couldn't pronounce Xenoxxx either
[21:54:01] <Eyebrows> yeah i think biffo mentioned the Goujon/Zhouzhon pronunciation before and it was indeed just the voice guy's mistake, that he ran with
[21:54:17] <snoozysoft> its very good tbh
[21:54:17] -!- paulvw [paulvw!4f451803@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[21:54:22] <Cube> it really is
[21:54:28] <snoozysoft> especially considering how he then mispronounces john to go with it
[21:54:35] <Cube> it's like a mental itch you just can't reach
[21:54:59] <GoujonJohn> is AJ Jeffries here?
[21:55:06] <Eyebrows> Red camera guy! Of, fancy!
[21:55:18] <Eyebrows> guy? gear
[21:55:20] <Cube> yowza
[21:55:22] -!- chrisw has quit [Read error]
[21:55:28] <Eyebrows> Of? Oh.
[21:55:33] -!- Horsenburger6 [Horsenburger6!d56a0ee7@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[21:55:41] -!- nutter [nutter!chris@Clk-D4BFFB57.cable.virginm.net] has joined #goujonchat
[21:55:42] <Cube> the props were really good too
[21:55:50] -!- paulvw has quit [Read error]
[21:55:52] <LV54Spacemonkey> I'd love a Red Epic camera. Anyone wanna bankroll me getting one to use for my webcam during livestreams?
[21:56:02] <LV54Spacemonkey> gaming livestreams. Not lewd livestreams!
[21:56:31] <DoYouLikeChaps> Gah. No, then
[21:56:35] * Cube loses interest immediately
[21:56:45] <snoozysoft> i like the idea of having a 4k camera as your webcam for a gaming livestream
[21:56:48] -!- Horsenburger6 has quit [Read error]
[21:56:54] <snoozysoft> like yeah you COULD watch the game or you can gaze at my every single pore
[21:56:59] * Squirmelia waves goujons at liverandonions
[21:57:14] <Cube> (they taste bad)
[21:57:21] -!- poopliker420 [poopliker420!bcdd145a@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[21:57:50] -!- liverandonions [liverandonions!5602087c@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has parted #goujonchat
[21:57:52] -!- PixelGuff [PixelGuff!52135cdf@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[21:58:04] -!- Nick [Nick!519fd062@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[21:58:08] <Cube> oi oi guff
[21:58:17] <PixelGuff> Cube: HELLO
[21:58:18] nutter is now known as liverandonions
[21:58:30] -!- Nick has quit [Read error]
[21:58:37] -!- nicknamelessnick [nicknamelessnick!d9088c3e@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[21:59:08] * liverandonions eats goujons. they taste bad.
[21:59:24] chriswyatt is now known as goujons
[21:59:29] * goujons tastes bad
[21:59:38] <poopliker420> Brap
[21:59:45] <goujons> *taste
[21:59:48] <Eyebrows> Brap brap my brahvin
[21:59:51] <CJJC> snoozysoft Hey, I didn’t see that. Thanks!
[22:00:07] * snoozysoft slaps liverandonions around a bit with a large goujon
[22:00:10] <snoozysoft> eyy
[22:00:21] <Glyn> Hello Steve!
[22:00:33] * goujons coupon
[22:00:50] <snoozysoft> can i use this special goujons coupon to get some goujon john goujon poupon via groupon
[22:01:03] <DoYouLikeChaps> NO!!!
[22:01:11] <snoozysoft> aw
[22:01:15] -!- MincingMurkyMan [MincingMurkyMan!bcdcb245@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[22:01:24] goujons is now known as chriswyatt
[22:01:30] -!- GameTelford [GameTelford!520986cb@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[22:01:38] <DoYouLikeChaps> Hey hey Game Telford
[22:01:41] <MincingMurkyMan> moc moc everyone
[22:01:44] <PixelGuff> I just want to say, I've seen GJ's profile on Fiverr and he seems like a lovely guy, and fair play to him for really putting the effort in
[22:01:44] <Cube> more like.... gouj off
[22:02:00] -!- RFredW [RFredW!rfredw@Clk-A6F4F434.range86-175.btcentralplus.com] has joined #goujonchat
[22:02:11] <snoozysoft> tbh i bet the dude had a tonne of fun playing the character of gj up
[22:02:26] <snoozysoft> makes a nice break from the usual advertising gubbins
[22:02:35] <poopliker420> How much for goujon john to record a commentary track while watching all of found footage?
[22:02:39] <MincingMurkyMan> Is the GJ actor actually american or british?
[22:02:42] <PixelGuff> He *really* seemed to enjoy it :)
[22:02:44] <DoYouLikeChaps> American
[22:02:46] -!- goujon_john_lost_pet [goujon_john_lost_pet!b3d609d6@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[22:02:49] <DoYouLikeChaps> His name is Pete
[22:03:09] -!- KrisCarter [KrisCarter!92c7d2ec@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[22:03:11] <poopliker420> spoilers
[22:03:22] * liverandonions dunks snoozysoft in a vat of goujon poupon
[22:03:28] <goujon_john_lost_pet> Hi
[22:03:33] <snoozysoft> thank you, i am sufficiently moistened now
[22:03:36] <Cube> he's a dude off fiverr? wow i hope this serves as a break for him
[22:03:45] <KrisCarter> Hello!
[22:04:01] <snoozysoft> tbh i think the thing i wanna see the most is like. the goujon john outtakes
[22:04:01] <DoYouLikeChaps> The UK's next comedy sensation lol
[22:04:19] <DoYouLikeChaps> Which is pretty much every time he says 'goujon' :D
[22:04:25] <Cube> honestly he's a lot like a certain bit phil hartmann used to do
[22:04:25] <snoozysoft> if there were any, id love to see him fluff his lines. theres no way you could say some of that stuff without laughing at least once
[22:04:33] <PixelGuff> Cube: I'll send you a link on bibeogaem
[22:04:38] <GameTelford> 7 day a week Black Friday?
[22:04:56] * chriswyatt nods in agreement
[22:05:11] <goujon_john_lost_pet> a behind the scenes would be nice
[22:05:15] -!- poopliker420 has quit [Read error]
[22:05:24] <Eyebrows> behind the bums
[22:05:33] <goujon_john_lost_pet> behind the goujons
[22:05:47] <SpineyOS> Phil Hartman is actually a really good comparison. There is definitely something a little bit Troy McClure about GJ
[22:05:55] -!- retro [retro!5f979a46@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[22:05:55] <Cube> "through brannigan's vortex", obv
[22:05:56] -!- jam [jam!520cff31@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[22:06:02] -!- jam has quit [Read error]
[22:06:04] <gaz> I'm seriously wondering how the internet ever caught on when it was like this all the time.
[22:06:33] <MincingMurkyMan> I can't wait until FF hits Rick & Morty levels of fandom and KFC release a limited edition Goujon John meal
[22:06:40] <snoozysoft> please no
[22:06:46] <chriswyatt> XD
[22:06:47] <Cube> ^
[22:06:53] <Eyebrows> +1
[22:06:57] <Cube> absolutely not
[22:07:02] -!- arganoid [arganoid!5610346e@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[22:07:13] <PixelGuff> MrBiffo: A QUESTION: How hard did you laugh when you got your first recording back from Pete?
[22:07:15] -!- testing [testing!520cff31@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[22:07:18] -!- testing has quit [Read error]
[22:07:23] <goujon_john_lost_pet> Fandom? You mean be part of the church, right?
[22:07:25] -!- Spudhead [Spudhead!56ad262a@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[22:07:35] <Cube> #Questions and #FoundFootageQA for answers
[22:07:40] <KrisCarter> I can't stay on here long, but huge kudos to all involved! Found Footagd was quite something, and WHAT a finale! Great work guys n gals!
[22:07:51] <Spudhead> Hello
[22:08:19] <PixelGuff> Cube: You mean like as it says under the box I'm typing in?
[22:08:24] <PixelGuff> ffs
[22:08:29] -!- Spudhead has quit [Read error]
[22:08:40] <mrak> I might wear my Xenoxxx t-shirt out one day this week :P
[22:08:45] -!- SimonDavies [SimonDavies!56ad262a@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[22:08:57] -!- midierror [midierror!55ffea54@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[22:09:01] -!- KrisCarter has quit [Read error]
[22:09:06] <Cube> i suppose considering xenoxxx, wanting a xenoxxx tshirt is a bit silly,but i want one
[22:09:07] -!- Nikki has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[22:09:15] -!- Mikey [Mikey!52204e88@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[22:09:33] <Glyn> I want a whole load of Xenoxxx merch!
[22:09:49] <GameTelford> what size? XenoXL?
[22:09:51] -!- retro has quit [Read error]
[22:10:05] <Cube> boooo
[22:10:20] <PeterkVT80> About 1/3 of that Xenoxxx merch was only a few clicks away from being created for real.
[22:10:33] <SimonDavies> Just found noshed watching FF:TAP. Loved it. Great production - looked slick. Great acting, loved the music, good effects, nice neat script and nasty baddies.
[22:10:36] -!- Nikki [Nikki!520cff31@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[22:10:37] -!- facebegone [facebegone!56108422@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[22:11:03] <SimonDavies> Frig's sakes, what did I just type
[22:11:17] -!- mikec [mikec!516f710a@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[22:11:31] <chriswyatt> I was wondering who 'noshed' was
[22:11:45] <SpineyOS> SimonDavies, that's my experience of posting on Digi comments most days
[22:11:49] <SimonDavies> Reminded me of 80s Doctor Who in a very good way.
[22:11:52] -!- facebegone has quit [Read error]
[22:11:55] <Glyn> GameTelford All the Xs for me. Giant don't you know.
[22:12:00] <CJJC> SimonDavies it was “found noshed”, sir.
[22:12:02] <snoozysoft> bugger it now i regret not backing it when that was a thing
[22:12:04] <GameTelford> is he the Minecraft chap?
[22:12:15] <PeterkVT80> Xenoxxx Mugs, Tea towels, posters, hats, swimsuits all designed on real sites and screen grabbed.
[22:12:21] <SimonDavies> Yeah noshed is a word I don't often type
[22:12:28] <chriswyatt> @snoozysoft - you mean about getting the DVD?
[22:12:28] <liverandonions> you snooze(ysoft), you lose
[22:12:33] <snoozysoft> yeah
[22:12:53] <snoozysoft> i need to gaze my eyes upon that behind the scenes documentary
[22:12:57] -!- DRALEXPGAYWOOD has quit [Ping timeout: 180 seconds]
[22:13:03] <DoYouLikeChaps> On the plus side, at least it exists
[22:13:14] <chriswyatt> Chances are they will be on YouTube as well
[22:13:16] <SpineyOS> snoozysoft, I regret not asking for my name in the credits when I finally chipped in...
[22:13:24] <chriswyatt> Maybe not straight away...
[22:13:30] <snoozysoft> pray that i get extremely lucky and somehow stumble into it in an old dusty charity shop 2 years from now
[22:13:47] -!- charlie [charlie!d438641a@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[22:13:48] -!- Squirmelia has quit [Quit: This computer has gone to sleep]
[22:14:02] -!- Squirmelia [Squirmelia!Jodi@Clk-5589B4E3.skybroadband.com] has joined #goujonchat
[22:14:12] <SimonDavies> Is it gonna be out on DVD ever
[22:14:13] <goujon_john_lost_pet> So, it's true that footage 6 is the last episode? I just found this chat so I don't really know what's going on
[22:14:30] <snoozysoft> yes but backers only, SimonDavies
[22:14:32] <SpineyOS> yep, it's over just now, and not three weeks ago as Polygon reckoned
[22:14:41] -!- buggerlugs [buggerlugs!520bb9e9@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[22:14:41] <SimonDavies> Ta
[22:14:51] -!- charlie has quit [Read error]
[22:15:12] <goujon_john_lost_pet> I see
[22:15:33] -!- SimonDavies has quit [Read error]
[22:16:28] <mikec> ah ah aha I was right about the bums i tells ya
[22:16:37] <snoozysoft> man i still cant believe its over now tho
[22:16:48] <snoozysoft> what am i gonna do on sunday evenings now eh lads
[22:16:59] <DoYouLikeChaps> Robot Wars :D
[22:17:03] <chriswyatt> Made Sundays more interesting. I hate Sunday evenings.
[22:17:08] -!- chalrie [chalrie!d438641a@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[22:17:12] <chriswyatt> Picked a good day.
[22:17:30] <snoozysoft> it makes for a nice ending/beginning to the week
[22:17:34] -!- buggerlugs has quit [Read error]
[22:17:36] -!- chalrie has quit [Read error]
[22:17:38] <snoozysoft> err. it made, rather
[22:17:44] <PixelGuff> I deffo want a DVD if and when. Just to have something for the shelf like
[22:18:00] <LV54Spacemonkey> I didn't realise that Robot Wars was back until 10 minutes in. At least that's around now to make sundays fundays
[22:18:15] <Eyebrows> Who's presenting it now?
[22:18:29] -!- bazadonk has quit [Read error]
[22:18:36] -!- voiceoverpete [voiceoverpete!520bb9e9@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[22:18:47] -!- midierror has quit [Read error]
[22:18:53] <snoozysoft> i should seek out all the old episodes and watch through them
[22:18:55] <Cube> dara o'briaiaiain and someone else i don't know who it is
[22:19:11] <snoozysoft> dara is a bloody good pick for robot wars tbh
[22:19:17] <Cube> the unfunny commentator is still the same unfunny guy
[22:19:20] <Mikey> the Mock The Week bloke?
[22:19:21] <LV54Spacemonkey> I still can't remember that other presenters name and I feel bad and rude because of that.
[22:19:24] <snoozysoft> yeah thats him
[22:19:26] -!- DaveJustice has quit [Read error]
[22:19:27] <CJJC> voiceoverpete, really? Or is someone having a joke with us?
[22:19:38] <JohnVeness> The real GJ is here? !
[22:19:51] <chriswyatt> All hail Goujon John
[22:20:05] <liverandonions> Who ordered Goujons?
[22:20:08] <snoozysoft> man being in this fun lil irc chat brought back good feelings again. i miss these things
[22:20:12] -!- Y4nni has quit [Read error]
[22:20:42] <SpineyOS> Mikey, that's the guy. Dara's been involved with a bunch of nerd shows over the years. It seems like it started back when he was on Charlie Brooker's Gameswipe
[22:20:43] <chriswyatt> Smells like crabs in here
[22:21:04] -!- mikec has quit [Ping timeout: 180 seconds]
[22:21:16] <GameTelford> crabs? i thought he said grass
[22:21:33] <LV54Spacemonkey> dara O'Brian is a genuine nerd.
[22:21:38] <PixelGuff> snoozysoft: IRC is still my primary method of talking to people on the internet, haha. I'm so old.
[22:21:38] <chriswyatt> Oh, grass was it?
[22:22:08] <Mikey> I do enjoy the new Robot Wars but doesn't hold a torch to back when Craig Charles was hosting
[22:22:08] <Cube> a dimension that smells like grass isn't much of a punishment
[22:22:12] <snoozysoft> im probably one of the youngest here tbh but i used to use irc a bunch a few years back and all. good times
[22:22:15] <goujon_john_lost_pet> I just finished episode 5
[22:22:17] -!- Tess [Tess!50e5f445@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[22:22:25] <Uncle_Mentuss> I bumped into Dara at one of the Eurogamer Expos once. Literally.
[22:22:25] <goujon_john_lost_pet> 06going to what episode 6 now
[22:22:26] <chriswyatt> Crabs would have been funnier I think
[22:22:27] <snoozysoft> and then every channel i was on was pretty much dormant 24/7 so i just, left.
[22:22:37] <Uncle_Mentuss> He's like a human brick wall
[22:23:11] <CJJC> It’s definitely crabs.
[22:23:24] <chriswyatt> Mr Biffo is asking for questions for Violet in the other chat
[22:23:26] <snoozysoft> reminds me of that joke he told where he got everyone on a down escalator to walk up it to save a woman who had fallen over
[22:23:30] <LV54Spacemonkey> Remember when Jeremy Clarkson presented Robot Wars. Thank gawd that didn't last.
[22:23:43] <MincingMurkyMan> Other channel?
[22:23:44] <Cube> ugh god yes
[22:23:46] <GameTelford> i could just do with a burger.....anyone have any recommendations?
[22:23:46] -!- bazadonk [bazadonk!021ba3f6@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[22:24:03] <GameTelford> how do i get to the other chat????
[22:24:03] -!- MincingMurkyMan has quit [Read error]
[22:24:08] <snoozysoft> yknow after a big finale like that, i could really go for a meal,
[22:24:15] <Cube> "let's get a guy who openly and vocally hates all the competitors and the entire target audience to host the show what could go wrong"
[22:24:26] <chriswyatt> If you are using the web client, there are links on the left
[22:24:38] <chriswyatt> #foundfootageqa and #questions
[22:24:44] <chriswyatt> You might have to add #questions yourself (I did)
[22:25:10] <GoujonJohn> Join #Questions to ask questions, and the panel will answer them in the #FoundFootageQA room!
[22:25:24] -!- voiceoverpete has quit [Read error]
[22:25:58] <GoujonJohn> If you're chatting on goujonjohn.com, you can click those room names to join. Otherwise, type /join #Questions to join questions.
[22:26:13] <GoujonJohn> You can work out how to join #FoundFootageQA for yourself ;)
[22:26:21] <snoozysoft> feeling like a tit for initially totally forgetting what violet did a while ago
[22:26:28] <CJJC> I remember trying to engage Andy Crane on Twitter about the finale. He just said “I don’t know what that is”, and I decided not to push it.
[22:26:30] <SpineyOS> I missed Clarkson on Robot Wars, thankfully. If it was anything like his attempts at video game writing (check out guru Larry's video - actually, check them all out) if you haven't seen that
[22:26:31] <Eyebrows> before i go ask an official Q about this: did i miss a Dominic Diamond cameo, or has he not shown up at all?
[22:26:56] -!- mikec [mikec!516f710a@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[22:27:13] -!- midi [midi!50bd919e@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[22:27:28] <mikec> have i missed the q&a?
[22:27:33] <Cube> i think the closest was dave perry playing a guy called "dominic diamrshehole" or something similar
[22:27:36] <JohnVeness> not shown ip
[22:27:38] <chriswyatt> Q&A is ongoing
[22:27:39] <JohnVeness> up
[22:27:41] -!- voiceoverpete [voiceoverpete!520bb9e9@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[22:27:41] <SpineyOS> mike, no, it's in another chat
[22:27:42] <Eyebrows> yeah i rem that part
[22:27:55] <LV54Spacemonkey> How is Guru Larry not in here actually? Probably making a video again. Bloody hard worker. making us look bad.
[22:28:23] <mikec> ?
[22:28:29] <SpineyOS> One of my biggest regrets in life is not stopping to say hi to Guru Larry at a showing of Ashens' movie.
[22:28:30] <midi> Just watched the finale. Honestly, I have zero clue who I was meant to be rooting for in the end, whether Goujon John was the 'good guy', Brannigan, whatever. Doesn't matter. It was still utterly magnificent. Amazing job Biffo!
[22:28:31] -!- Thursdaysfae has quit [Ping timeout: 180 seconds]
[22:28:31] <Mikey> I remember Andy Crane doing a periscope Q&A from his radio show. I asked a daft question and felt suitably daft with his response
[22:28:41] <chriswyatt> Type '/join #foundfootageqa' and '/join #questions' to join the other chats
[22:28:43] <Uncle_Mentuss> Why have Dominic Diamond, when you can have Dave "The Games Animal/Not THAT Dave Perry" Perry?
[22:28:44] GoujonJohn changed topic of #goujonchat to: Join #FoundFootageQA and #Questions to take part in the post-finale QA session!
[22:29:02] -!- poopliker420 [poopliker420!bcdd145a@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[22:29:09] <mikec> oh how obvious
[22:29:13] <mikec> thanks
[22:29:19] -!- voiceoverpete has quit [Read error]
[22:29:40] -!- nicknamelessnick has quit [Read error]
[22:29:53] <Cube> i KNEW i knew the name orlokk from somewhere fffff
[22:30:27] <Eyebrows> hehe mentus
[22:30:33] -!- midi has quit [Read error]
[22:30:51] <GameTelford> Dave the animal perry is lovely. Met him at the same event i met Biffo.
[22:31:16] <Nikki> Is SM64 still a sore topic?
[22:32:29] <Uncle_Mentuss> Dave "Bad loser at imported games" Perry
[22:32:57] -!- midi [midi!50bd919e@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[22:33:09] <SpineyOS> Huh, now I wish I'd watched more GamesMaster
[22:33:23] <Nikki> SpineyOS there's loads on youtube!
[22:33:40] <LV54Spacemonkey> You should. There's an episode of Gamesmaster Mr Biffo is in and he loves it when people share it about
[22:33:45] <SpineyOS> WHAT
[22:33:58] <SpineyOS> when did this you-tube happen?
[22:34:14] <mrak> I think the version that's online is the one I uploaded to UKNova in about 2004 :s
[22:34:24] <Uncle_Mentuss> He's a talking head in a review section
[22:35:16] -!- poopliker420 has quit [Ping timeout: 180 seconds]
[22:35:17] <LV54Spacemonkey> A very fresh face Mr biffo he is in that episode too!
[22:35:17] <Nikki> he reviews zombies ate my neighbours on the SNES
[22:35:19] <CJJC> Uncle_Mentuss I certainly misread that at first glance.
[22:35:50] <Eyebrows> wahay!
[22:35:54] <mrak> also the ultra-precocious teenage Simon Amstell
[22:35:58] <Uncle_Mentuss> I had a researcher for Gamesmaster attempt to drive 90 odd miles from London to my home for a photo of me for a Sonic 2 thing only to give up half way
[22:36:17] -!- midi has quit [Read error]
[22:36:27] <SpineyOS> I have a vague recollection of some kid on Gamesmaster declaring Sonic 2 disappointingly easy
[22:36:41] <SpineyOS> it was the original 72%
[22:36:47] <Uncle_Mentuss> They did a whole article on it
[22:36:52] <Uncle_Mentuss> I was part of it
[22:36:56] -!- bazadonk has quit [Read error]
[22:37:06] <LV54Spacemonkey> My dad works for the Home office prison departments and I remember him telling me they were filming Gamesmaster there for series 3. The Dexter Fletcher series. I felt like I had super secret info for ages.
[22:37:12] <Uncle_Mentuss> finished the game within 2 hours of returning home with it
[22:37:24] <Uncle_Mentuss> on Sonic 2sday
[22:37:30] <Mikey> Ohai MrBiffo - https://youtu.be
[22:37:36] <chriswyatt> Would love to get Gamesmaster on DVD
[22:37:38] <Uncle_Mentuss> before midday
[22:37:46] -!- goujon_john_lost_pet has quit [Read error]
[22:37:57] <LV54Spacemonkey> I played Sonic 2 with my mate the day it was released and we finished it without losing a continue. We kinda hated the game for a while
[22:38:13] <SpineyOS> being 7, I was terrible at Sonic 2... I just couldn't get the hang of Silver Sonic.
[22:38:27] -!- jim has quit [Read error]
[22:38:31] <MrBiffo> Mikey: I'm now on YouTube shitting myself while talking like Jar Jar Binks, so y'know... Doesn't really compare.
[22:38:35] -!- arganoid has quit [Read error]
[22:38:57] <Mikey> The lulz are real
[22:38:59] <SpineyOS> the JarJar thing never fails to make me laugh
[22:39:35] <Cube> god, jaz rignall looks sleazy as hell there
[22:40:45] -!- rarararar has quit [Read error]
[22:41:11] -!- DoYouLikeChaps [DoYouLikeChaps!5ec112db@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has parted #goujonchat
[22:41:40] <LV54Spacemonkey> just looking over the Bad Influence wiki page and it says the show had another presenter called Sonya Saul. How do i not remember that? I thought it was always Violet, Andy and, well, Andy
[22:41:44] -!- DoYouLikeChaps [DoYouLikeChaps!5ec112db@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[22:42:02] <Mikey> Yeh, Sonya Saul was in the later episodes iirc
[22:42:14] <PeterkVT80> Tammy's photo gallery has had a refresh and the password has been removed https://tammylynn.co.uk
[22:42:16] <SpineyOS> I remember Z, but not Sonya
[22:42:22] <mrak> The last series Violet did the OB stuff and Sonya did the studio with Andy IIRC.
[22:42:27] <Mikey> Also whathisface who did bits from America
[22:42:35] <SpineyOS> that'd be Z
[22:42:39] <LV54Spacemonkey> I miss shows like that. What was that awful one of Sky about 10-15 years ago with the hilariously bad presenters?
[22:42:40] <Eyebrows> If we do get another christmas single this year Biffo then all i'll say is I hope it features you scatting about on all fours
[22:42:51] <SpineyOS> oh, you mean Gamezville!
[22:43:10] <SpineyOS> Gamezville is the epitome of TV studios actively refusing to "get" games
[22:43:11] <LV54Spacemonkey> That's the one! I used to watch it just to see how bad it could get
[22:43:18] <Uncle_Mentuss> Heh - https://imgur.com - Real name reveal. Top of list
[22:43:20] <SpineyOS> I do feel bad for Daz and the other guy
[22:43:31] <LV54Spacemonkey> Used to love Bitz, and Vids which was kinda it's big grother show.
[22:43:44] <SpineyOS> also one of them's a kick boxer or something, so probably safest not to make too much fun of him
[22:43:55] <Eyebrows> Bitz was great!
[22:44:04] <Mikey> I do have fond memories of watching Gamepad.
[22:44:06] <Eyebrows> Aleks Krotoski went on to do all sorts of interesting stuff
[22:44:14] <SpineyOS> Bit,z, was that the one that had three women presenting, and was only ever shown at 2am?
[22:44:20] <Eyebrows> yep
[22:44:47] <SpineyOS> I only ever saw about two episodes of that because it got buried in the timeslots (like Consolevania, or Videogaiden or whichever one was on TV)
[22:45:00] <LV54Spacemonkey> yeah with the two Emily's, Alex and there was a blonde woman on series one who vanished.
[22:45:25] -!- danofthewibble [danofthewibble!05432a93@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[22:45:50] -!- DaveJustice [DaveJustice!3306802d@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[22:46:15] <danofthewibble> I enjoyed that. Even though AndroidTV has somehow decked the YouTube app to the extent that I had to rip the bloody film from YouTube to play it back acceptably on the telly. Hello.
[22:46:21] <Uncle_Mentuss> Some vaguely European name, like Claudia or something, wasn't it?
[22:46:41] <LV54Spacemonkey> Yeah. I think she was Swedish or something.
[22:46:49] <GameTelford> Thumb bandits with Iain Lee is the reason i bought Devil may cry. i still thank him for it now.
[22:47:17] <Eyebrows> Thr0b is here!
[22:47:24] <Cube> re questions: i guess lord brannigan-7 is an experimenter and likes to throw a lot of things out to see what sticks and went with bums after the crabs and otter-licking methods of pathogen transmission were not very effective
[22:47:25] -!- KaravanPark has quit [Read error]
[22:47:27] <LV54Spacemonkey> I was trying to remember the name of that show too. Iain Lee deserves more credit for his gaming Tv stuff. Like that excellent documentary on Tetris he did.
[22:47:40] <danofthewibble> Hello, GameTelford. I frequent Shrewsbury's portakabin branch of Game, but I guess your store is also good.
[22:47:48] <danofthewibble> Evening, Caretaker of Bubblegun
[22:48:32] <snoozysoft> tbh i think my one main big question about found footage is why havent iain and paul started a comedy duo yet
[22:48:36] <mrak> Where is PSB anyway
[22:48:39] <snoozysoft> those two bounce off each other so well
[22:48:58] <LV54Spacemonkey> Thanks to them I've been grazing from the human orchard all night!
[22:49:06] <CJJC> It’s weird. My only memory of Thumb Bandits is Iain Lee saying “Devil May Cry is fucking brilliant” and it struck me as an unnecessarily edgy swear.
[22:49:23] <GameTelford> yep....
[22:49:41] <SpineyOS> I somehow missed that show entirely...
[22:49:41] <danofthewibble> mrak: PSB is probably passed-out from his 36 hour flight from his sex tour or whever he's been
[22:49:43] <GameTelford> i cant remember a single other game he reviewed
[22:50:18] <GameTelford> Got to say i do love Consolevainia and VideoGaiden as well.
[22:50:30] <CJJC> I also remember it being said over stupid PAL Footage that made Dante look all floaty and slow.
[22:50:34] -!- Horsenburger has quit [Read error]
[22:50:52] <mrak> mohh
[22:51:27] <mrak> I have Biffo's review to thank for Shenmue and Rab off of CV's for Resi 4. Maaaah favourites.
[22:53:24] <SpineyOS> Consolevania (I think it was Rab) actually managed to make me appreciate the Dynasty Warriors games as something more than a thing where you mash square for hours
[22:53:37] <SpineyOS> I mean, it's that, but there's a bit more to it
[22:55:45] -!- GJRUs [GJRUs!5619a5f6@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[22:55:55] <GameTelford> next series he needs nige from Vids.
[22:56:32] <SpineyOS> and the Gamezville guys
[22:56:51] <CJJC> GameTelford He’d have made a good “Hail Xenoxxx” guy at the start
[22:57:05] <LV54Spacemonkey> I found Nige's Twitter ages back but he seems pretty quiet on there. He should do stuff again.
[22:57:10] <Uncle_Mentuss> and THE GURU
[22:57:16] <Uncle_Mentuss> hoho
[22:57:39] <SpineyOS> oh my god, that guy
[22:57:51] -!- theoctopus_ has quit [Quit: theoctopus_]
[22:57:51] <GameTelford> im sure Big Boy Barry is available ;D
[22:58:09] <SpineyOS> the Guru was like if Nam Rood and Noel Fielding somehow bred
[22:58:21] -!- GJRUs has quit [Read error]
[22:58:52] <Uncle_Mentuss> Apparently the reason he was called the Games Guru in the first series and just the Guru after was because Wez and Larry were using "The Games Gurus" on Games Network at the time and complained to Sky, or something
[22:59:52] <Nikki> and don't forget the video game guru "ben the boffin" on the big breakfast...
[23:00:38] <chriswyatt> So am I the only one who used to think that Violet Berlin was just another Digi character? I was just a kid when I was reading Digi, in fairness.
[23:01:39] <danofthewibble> If I said that Violet Berlin is married to a man called Gaz Top (THAT IS HIS NAME), you would have been even more convinced she were a character
[23:01:52] <chriswyatt> XD
[23:03:58] <SpineyOS> much like at Digifest, I couldn't really think of a question for Violet, which is a shame, as I legitimately thought she was the epitome of cool back in 1992 or whenever it was
[23:03:59] <Nikki> She's married to Gaz Top? I did not know that!
[23:04:44] <CJJC> Nikki He was at the premiere. You al,OST certainly laid your very eyes upon him.
[23:04:57] <Uncle_Mentuss> I believe his name is now Gareth "Don't call me Gaz Top" Jones.
[23:05:09] <danofthewibble> If not married, certainly very long term relationship
[23:05:27] <danofthewibble> But he will always be Gaz Top. Literally non-stop.
[23:05:32] <Uncle_Mentuss> hehe
[23:05:36] <Nikki> I'd had a few rum+cokes to be honest...
[23:06:05] <GameTelford> Violet was in Micro Machines!
[23:06:08] <Dave> I wanted to ask Gareth about Gilbert the Alien at the premiere, but he was busy.
[23:06:38] -!- NikolayYeriomin [NikolayYeriomin!b24aed3b@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[23:06:53] <danofthewibble> OOH, new Doctor Who cast announced and I APPROVE.
[23:06:56] <LV54Spacemonkey> Isn't she also in a Gabriel Knight game?
[23:07:01] <GameTelford> Gilbert the alien!!!!! He would have fit straight into Found Footage.
[23:07:07] -!- DaveJustice has quit [Read error]
[23:07:12] <Uncle_Mentuss> I missed the Premiere due to fucking up accommodation arangements
[23:07:19] -!- Rrrrr [Rrrrr!520b6b5d@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[23:07:24] <Dave> Especially Gilbert's Fridge.
[23:07:32] <Uncle_Mentuss> I am annoyed by myself for that
[23:07:33] <chriswyatt> Violet's in Micro Machines 2?
[23:07:35] <chriswyatt> I think?
[23:07:50] <danofthewibble> she is
[23:07:53] <LV54Spacemonkey> Yeah she's in MM2 and the 96 edition
[23:08:03] <LV54Spacemonkey> Which is the same game reallty
[23:08:28] <danofthewibble> although that's nothing, as Stuart Campbell is in Arcade Pool
[23:08:31] <danofthewibble> arf
[23:08:33] <CJJC> MrBiffo 12 was for 1989 Batman in the cinema but wasn’t introduce to video for some time, so Batman was a 15 on VHS.
[23:08:56] <MrBiffo> Ah, h'okay!
[23:09:19] -!- Rrrrr has quit [Read error]
[23:09:23] <NikolayYeriomin> Hello to everyone! Haven't seen the finale in it's entirety yet, but I am a rare spoiler-immune being. Peeked at the post-credits scene and wondered a lot. :)
[23:09:27] <SpineyOS> yes, I had a 15-rated Batman VHS!
[23:09:33] <LV54Spacemonkey> I think 12 was introduced for Phillidelphia on VHS wasn't it?
[23:09:39] <SpineyOS> I think they introduced 12a for X-Men?
[23:09:40] <CJJC> Then it transformed into 12A for 2003 Spider-Man.
[23:09:47] <SpineyOS> oh, maybe that
[23:09:48] <Uncle_Mentuss> But they still didn't re-add the Jerry Hall getting squirted with acid scene!
[23:09:53] <Uncle_Mentuss> That annoyed me
[23:10:10] <Nikki> NikolayYeriomin were you the Russian speaking Goujon John?
[23:10:27] <Uncle_Mentuss> if it was going to get a higher rating, add the content that was cut for the 12
[23:10:38] <LV54Spacemonkey> Yeah 12A is a cinema only cert made for Spider-man. I think for a couple of week's they had an edited PG version of the film running in cinemas too.
[23:11:11] <NikolayYeriomin> Nikki, yes. A great honor, to be fair. I hope I was not as bad of an actor as I usually am. :)
[23:11:23] <Uncle_Mentuss> Local councils can actually reclassify films or something, I believe
[23:11:33] <CJJC> NikolayYeriomin Actually, I’ve wondered - did you just Google “Goujon John” after you did the gig and find the show from there? You certainly seem to have got into it.
[23:11:55] <Uncle_Mentuss> so it got dropped to a PG in some areas until 12A was finalised
[23:12:12] <LV54Spacemonkey> That may be it. it was a PG in Woking for a bit for sure.
[23:12:15] <Cube> oh wait what
[23:12:54] -!- mikec has quit [Ping timeout: 180 seconds]
[23:12:57] <danofthewibble> uncle_mentuss : Correct! I believe Life Of Brian was only allowed on the Isle Of Man about three years ago. It was previously banned
[23:13:19] <chriswyatt> 3 years ago!
[23:13:31] <danofthewibble> Something ridiculously recent, certainly.
[23:13:33] <SpineyOS> the prospect of Cheggers in Found Footage is both interesting and terrifying. I've never been able to look at him the same since that Channel 5 jungle thing. I doubt anyone has.
[23:13:36] <LV54Spacemonkey> man, imagine trading illicit copies of Life of Brian on the Isle of Man in 2013
[23:13:42] <CJJC> That’s because of the deviants, See.
[23:13:53] <Cube> "ten thousand alcoholics clinging to a rock covered in sheep" - craig charles
[23:13:58] <danofthewibble> CJJC: You have the Fast Show comedy cash in book and I claim by five pounds.
[23:14:16] <Uncle_Mentuss> Jack Pott and Tom Bowler!
[23:14:18] <CJJC> I don’t, I just remember the sketch.
[23:14:44] <danofthewibble> Ah. The book expands on the sketch nicely. "A proper FAMILY resort. No homosexuals."
[23:15:07] <CJJC> danofthewibble (y)
[23:15:20] -!- goujonbums [goujonbums!b3d609d6@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[23:15:55] <NikolayYeriomin> CJJC, actually I was a fan since at the very least the announcement of The Finale kickstarter, so I contacted Mr. Biffo and asked whether any Russian-speaking voice with no accent was needed. When I received the role, my jaw hit the floor. :)
[23:16:22] <GameTelford> "Naked Jungle" Braver man than me is cheggers, but i will always forgive him for having the Housemartins play Think for a minute on "Cheggers plays pop"
[23:16:25] <CJJC> NikolayYeriomin That’s amazing!
[23:16:44] <CJJC> (Not a Fast Show reference)
[23:17:25] <Eyebrows> with me, carl hooper!
[23:18:14] <chriswyatt> About the numbers chat in the QA room, I guess it's a bit numbers station-esque
[23:18:33] <chriswyatt> I noticed a few shortwave sounds in the episodes
[23:18:47] -!- Graknorke has quit [Ping timeout: 180 seconds]
[23:19:34] -!- snoozysoft has quit [Read error]
[23:21:24] <Dave> Did anyone else force family members to watch the finale? Are they still speaking to you?
[23:21:34] <SpineyOS> friends, but not family
[23:22:00] <chriswyatt> I shared a couple of things on FB, but pretty sure no one clicked on it
[23:22:01] -!- gilbert [gilbert!56a10d83@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[23:22:08] <chriswyatt> And I was pretty sure my family would probably hate it
[23:22:19] -!- gilbert has quit [Read error]
[23:22:51] <NikolayYeriomin> Dave, forced my friends to watch it on a regular basis, especially since web-series we're working on since 2012 has a lot of similarities. It actually quite stimulated our creative process.
[23:22:57] <SpineyOS> generally I've tended to just show people individual sketches, and if they get that, or don't shriek at me to stop, consider explaining the whole show
[23:22:57] <CJJC> I notice there’s been a sense of “Found Footage vs Wives” that’s cropped up. My own wife has enjoyed it lots. As have my friends.
[23:23:26] <Nikki> CJJC mine too!
[23:23:49] <PixelGuff> I showed my wife a couple of GJ clips. She just gave me that look she does.
[23:23:59] <CJJC> Nikki I did think of you as I was typing that. I assume she’d say the same.
[23:24:10] <Cube> i need to get my girlfriend to watch it, her favourite movie is the forbidden zone and she has every everything is terrible dvd so i think it's a lock
[23:24:20] <GoujonJohn> CJJC she showed it to her boss... who said "well, I didn't HATE it..."
[23:24:20] -!- gaz has quit [Read error]
[23:24:26] <CJJC> Lingo Boingo to the max
[23:24:32] <CJJC> OINGO ffs
[23:24:43] <SpineyOS> ah, man, it is tragic that Biffovision is locked away in the Beeb's vault of things they'll never touch again
[23:25:03] <GoujonJohn> Future Kids still remains one of my favourite bits ever
[23:25:25] <SpineyOS> something about "where they witnessed their own deaths" always gets me
[23:25:52] <Nikki> Oh boy yeah that bit kills me
[23:25:54] <CJJC> stuff.
[23:26:07] <Nikki> saw a lot of cool stuff
[23:26:51] <CJJC> In fairness though, they did see a lot of cool stuff (most of that went missing the first time)
[23:27:47] <SpineyOS> also interesting that Danny Wallace did games journalism. I have a bunch of his books, so I'm surprised I didn't know that
[23:28:36] <SpineyOS> (also I was woefully worn there)
[23:28:45] <SpineyOS> *wrong
[23:29:45] <danofthewibble> J.Clarkson did games journalism as well. An odd niche that TV folks start off in.
[23:29:59] <SpineyOS> yes, his two articles were terrible
[23:30:12] <LV54Spacemonkey> Like, the guy that wrote Rogue One was a games journalist too. Gary Whitta isn't it?
[23:30:16] <SpineyOS> a mix of self-aggrandising and rambling that would lead him to become a millionaire
[23:30:24] <danofthewibble> Still, he could've been edited of Amiga Action
[23:30:29] <CJJC> Glyn let the Knife theory go, man :)
[23:30:31] <danofthewibble> or The One Maverick Edition.
[23:30:33] <chriswyatt> I didn't know Brooker was a games journo until I read it on Mr. Biffo's blog
[23:30:40] <Cube> he did book of eli too which was originally supposed to be an actual fallout movie iirc
[23:31:08] <LV54Spacemonkey> Thanks for answering all those questions Mr Biffo!
[23:31:17] -!- Eyebrows has quit [Read error]
[23:31:25] <chriswyatt> Bye!
[23:31:26] <Cube> i doubt anybody cares but i really wasn't a fan of rogue one, i really wanted to be but it all felt so flat
[23:31:29] <LV54Spacemonkey> Bye!
[23:31:34] <SpineyOS> Bye
[23:31:42] <chriswyatt> Toodle pip
[23:31:51] -!- MrBiffo has quit [Read error]
[23:31:52] -!- LV54Spacemonkey has quit [Read error]
[23:31:53] <NikolayYeriomin> danofthewibble, I have seen Guru Larry Bundy Jr.'s video on that. They were indeed rather dull and unimpressive. Not to mention he tried to knew something about video games and failed.
[23:31:55] -!- etgvff [etgvff!0547a4e5@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[23:31:57] -!- goujonbums has quit [Read error]
[23:31:57] <CJJC> Good fun. And the log can be turned into a document later for people who couldn’t be here.
[23:31:57] -!- DoYouLikeChaps has quit [Read error]
[23:32:05] -!- MatthewSmith has quit [Read error]
[23:32:23] -!- Mikey has quit [Read error]
[23:32:29] -!- etgvff has quit [Read error]
[23:32:33] -!- JohnVeness has quit [Quit: Simple IRC: The quit option.]
[23:32:43] <Cube> my rogue one fact: i had forgotten the name of the secondary protagonist by the scene after he was introduced
[23:32:45] <danofthewibble> NikolayYeriomin - he also SORT OF did a games bit on Top Gear a few years back. Some feature on realism in driving games.
[23:32:54] -!- RFredW has quit [Quit: RFredW]
[23:32:59] -!- rsole100 [rsole100!500770b7@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has parted #goujonchat
[23:33:16] <CJJC> Bye, you lovely bastards.
[23:33:42] <chriswyatt> Bye!
[23:33:47] -!- liverandonions has quit [Quit: Gone to buy more Dime bars]
[23:33:47] <NikolayYeriomin> CJJC, goodbye. Have a nice night.
[23:33:48] -!- GeekyGirl has quit [Read error]
[23:33:59] -!- ToddHollow [ToddHollow!b0fae9d8@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[23:34:01] <SpineyOS> I quite liked Rogue One, but yes, the cast was too big, and character development (even for Jyn Erso) suffered
[23:34:06] -!- CJJC has quit [Read error]
[23:34:40] <chriswyatt> \me is off
[23:34:52] * chriswyatt is off
[23:34:57] <PixelGuff> They should have just extended that bit where Vader ruins everyone out to about 2 hours.
[23:35:12] <danofthewibble> Of course, Star Wars is dreck.
[23:35:31] -!- shoebox [shoebox!521d6399@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #goujonchat
[23:35:37] <Cube> i'd have taken 2 hours of "chirrut and baze break all the empire's shit" honestly
[23:36:30] <Cube> seriously though what was 2nd protag's name i keep wanting to call him inigo montoya and that's a guy from a much better film
[23:36:56] -!- ToddHollow has quit [Read error]
[23:37:18] <Cube> cassian andor, okay. ask me again in an hour and i'll have forgotten it again
[23:37:45] <Dave> Goodnight, lovely people / bum monsters.
[23:37:46] <PixelGuff> Haha, all I could think of was "Andrex"
[23:37:50] -!- chriswyatt has quit [Quit: bedtime]
[23:37:53] -!- Dave [Dave!5b7d4752@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has parted #goujonchat
[23:38:13] -!- mrak has quit [Quit: I'm going now bye]
[23:38:14] <NikolayYeriomin> Dave. Goodnight!
[23:38:16] <SpineyOS> danofthewibble, I prefer "pulp" to "dreck"
[23:38:36] -!- PeterkVT80 [PeterkVT80!50e5f445@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has parted #goujonchat
[23:38:40] <Cube> hotshot rebel soldier plunge gherkins
[23:38:54] <SpineyOS> it's like Doctor Who, best enjoyed if you don't think very hard about it
[23:38:59] -!- Tess has quit [Read error]
[23:39:26] -!- shoebox has quit [Ping timeout: 180 seconds]
[23:39:32] -!- danofthewibble has quit [Read error]
[23:39:42] <Cube> plunge gherkins and queef horchata quest to retrieve the death star plans from lord oculus rift
[23:40:13] <PixelGuff> pfff
[23:41:42] <PixelGuff> Remember when George Lucas legit suggested the name Darth Icky for the bloke in Force Unleashed?
[23:42:05] <Cube> hahaha yes, god
[23:42:06] <SpineyOS> I do not, but I believe it completely
[23:42:18] <Cube> now we are all eating a handful of his poo, all of the time
[23:42:24] <PixelGuff> haha
[23:42:33] <SpineyOS> by the way, one of the TFU devs and the Starkiller voice actor did an LP of TFU that's quite good
[23:42:47] <PixelGuff> Cool!
[23:43:49] <SpineyOS> https://www.youtube.com
[23:44:42] <PixelGuff> Cheers, I'll have a watch :)
[23:45:31] <PixelGuff> Right. I'm going to have a slash and play some Golf Story. Not at the same time, obv
[23:45:38] <PixelGuff> BYE
[23:45:46] -!- PixelGuff has quit [Quit: PixelGuff]
[23:49:17] -!- Nikki has quit [Read error]
[23:49:23] <SpineyOS> better get to some sleep. Or more Thimbleweed Park. Probably the latter. CIAO.
[23:49:36] -!- SpineyOS has quit [Read error]
[23:50:40] -!- Squirmelia has quit [Quit: This computer has gone to sleep]
[23:55:07] -!- GoujonJohn has quit [Read error]
[23:57:09] <Glyn> I liked the idea about the Masters having killed their father with a Dadpellet.