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[21:36:56] <Glyn> "Hello. Who is on the panel? Can they introduce themselves?"
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[21:37:41] <VioletBerlin> Hello it's me
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[21:38:37] <GoujonJohn> Welcome VioletBerlin and MrBiffo! Please ask your questions in #Questions , and we'll answer them in here!
[21:38:52] <Glyn> "One thing I found curious was how quiet Violet's character was for the most part. Was it originally planned for her to have more lines?"
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[21:39:14] <GoujonJohn> That's a question from snoozysoft
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[21:39:52] <MrBiffo> Glyn: originally, Violet was Molotov, then she suggested Andy "Nam Rood" Wear to play him instead. I think I wrote the part of the Cultist just for her.
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[21:40:16] <Glyn> "Was the squeezy stress doll thing next tot he computer a reference to Dirk Gently or just a thing that you had lying around?"
[21:40:31] <MrBiffo> Glyn: originally, Violet was Molotov, then she suggested Andy "Nam Rood" Wear to play him instead. I think I wrote the part of the Cultist just for her.
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[21:40:57] <VioletBerlin> Yes those were the lines written for Cultist character. I think I had the best line. "We rise!"
[21:41:24] <MrBiffo> I used to have one of those squeeze stress doll things years ago, and always found them funny, so I bought one especially to put in the back of shots. Probably just one shot in the end. There are lots of details like that; I wanted it to feel like a lived-in place.
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[21:43:06] <Glyn> CJJC
[21:43:06] <Glyn> CJJC How many times is Roaming Thomas in it? I saw him twice.
[21:43:59] <MrBiffo> Roaming Thomas is in a whole bunch of scenes, but yes - I think he only appears in shot. BW from Biffovision is in the back of one shot. I only realised the other day that he's visible...
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[21:45:18] <Glyn> DRALEXPGAYWOOD "Did you approach the musician and popular policeman 'Sting' to voice the character of Sting, and if so what did he say?"
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[21:46:11] <MrBiffo> Hah! No, Sting was not approached. I put out a general call on Twitter for anyone who could "do" Geordie, and David Heslop - who filmed lots of behind-the-scenes stuff for the finale - stepped forwards.
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[21:47:48] <VioletBerlin> In a bizarre coincidence I happened to be attending the Children's Media Conference in Sheffield and I saw a tweet from a guy who seemed to know of me. When I met him he introduced himself as the voice of Sting from Found Footage. THE David Heslop, Sting impersonater (well now he is). .
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[21:48:13] <Glyn> mrak "There was a bit planned where a bum was to attack a Xenoxxx scientist but wasn't shot due to reasons. Whereabouts would that have fit into the finished article?"
[21:49:55] <MrBiffo> Ah, no - it wasn't a Xenoxxx scientist. There was a whole ending sequence after Orlokk runs off with him being attacked by a transformed Faktori (with a bum face), who then attacked Molotov as he tried to escape, but we ran out of time. Also, there was to be an appearance from "bumcrawlers", but - again - we had to drop it for time.
[21:50:59] <VioletBerlin> I hope the bumcrawlers made it back to London okay though and are still watiing in the wings for their chance to shine?
[21:51:21] <MrBiffo> I can't remember if we chucked the bumcrawlers out or not. They might be up in the loft...
[21:52:20] <Glyn> LV54Spacemonkey "Are the adverts from Digitser now kinda canonised as being products of Xenoxxx Industries being sent through the portal to our world now?"
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[21:52:57] <MrBiffo> Hah! Um... I've not given it as much thought as some people might've done... but let's say... yes.
[21:53:11] <MrBiffo> The whole of Digitiser is now part of the Xenoxxxverse.
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[21:53:25] <Glyn> Awesome!
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[21:53:39] <Glyn> Eyebrows "Photography enthusiast question: what camera(s) did you film the finale on?"
[21:54:20] <MrBiffo> Red 4k cameras. The finished film isn't in 4K sadly, as it was a nightmare to process the VFX in it. If AJ Jeffries - who did the brilliant effects - is on here, he might be able to tell you more.
[21:55:22] <Glyn> snoozysoft "this christmas, if we hail xenoxxx especially hard, will we receive a shiny album comprised entirely of sensorium girlybox hits through the vortex?"
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[21:56:07] <MrBiffo> We are going to break all the songs up into their own playlist. Probably won't be doing any more new songs this side of Christmas. But you never know!
[21:56:47] <Glyn> JohnVeness "Violet, what was it like working with Andy again? Shame he couldn't join us."
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[21:57:25] <VioletBerlin> It is a great shame he couldn't join us but maybe an excuse to do another one with him involved?
[21:57:57] <VioletBerlin> Working with Andy again felt like no time had passed since the last time. Seriously. And it was brilliant, I'm still beaming.
[21:58:11] <MrBiffo> Andy is quite possibly the nicest man I've ever met.
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[21:58:19] <VioletBerlin> True Fact.
[21:58:35] <Glyn> Cube "was the mispronunciation of goujon an intentional thing or an accident that you went "you know what that's actually ace" about and went with"
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[21:59:09] <MrBiffo> Hah! Complete accident, because - as I've since learned - they don't call goujons "goujons" in America.
[21:59:22] <MrBiffo> I didn't know that until he started saying it weird.
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[22:00:00] <VioletBerlin> There was a big conversation about whether my character, The Cultist should pronounce it with a soft or a hard G.
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[22:00:32] <VioletBerlin> In the end we went with um hard. But I noticed GJ probably did the soft one more.
[22:00:56] <MrBiffo> Whenever any asks me I just tell them to say it however they want to say it.
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[22:01:48] <VioletBerlin> And that is one of the things I love about Mr B
[22:02:17] <Glyn> JohnVeness "Who was the bum actor first seen? I think I got his pre-lubed bumface the next day."
[22:02:52] <MrBiffo> That was my mate Mark Paling. He used to own a company which made fruit machines!
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[22:04:22] <Glyn> theoctopus "Also G.J.’s mispronounciation of Xenoxx, was that accidental too?"
[22:05:33] <MrBiffo> Yeah, that one annoys me a bit. All the other actors I spelled it in the script as "Lennox", but forgot to with him. Oh well!
[22:06:45] <VioletBerlin> I didn't even notice - how does he say it?
[22:07:18] <MrBiffo> "Zeenox"
[22:07:32] <VioletBerlin> oh that's just cos he's American
[22:07:51] <Glyn> DRALEXPGAYWOOD "Are there any plans for any Goujon John merchandise? If you sold us t-shirts we could try to get photos of us wearing them in stupid locations in a "Digitiser=Filth" kind of way and create much publicity"
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[22:09:35] <MrBiffo> No plans, but we want to do it. It's just a question of finding time. And the money/energy. Once the dust has settled we'll start thinking seriously about it.
[22:10:26] <Glyn> snoozysoft "I've heard through the grapevine there'll be a DVD - will that bad boy be out in time for a lovely christmas present to torment my younger siblings with?"
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[22:11:38] <MrBiffo> The DVD, most likely, will only be for backers I'm afraid. We probably won't have it ready for Christmas - mainly because David Heslop is editing a big behind-the-scenes documentary on the finale for us, and he won't be available to do it until the end of the year. It'll be worth it though.
[22:12:26] <Glyn> MatthewSmith "Hallo! One for Mr B: What were you originally planning to do with the photos of folk who paid to appear in the show? How To Speak German was entirely wonderful, but I'd be intrigued to learn how you were intending to work them into the finale."
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[22:13:27] <MrBiffo> Originally they were going to be seen on a post 9/11 wall of bum-victims. We printed the photos out and aged them up and everything. But, alas, that was another casualty of the schedule.
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[22:14:32] <Glyn> JohnVeness "Regarding the songs, it'd be great to see the credits for them (composer, lyrics, singer). I believe they are not all CJJC..?"
[22:15:35] <MrBiffo> John, no - there were a few that Chris didn't do. I paid for the full copyright of the others, but I can dig out the names (where I have them).
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[22:16:11] <MrBiffo> When I say "no", I mean "you're right".
[22:16:55] <Glyn> jim "What was the original plan for the backer photos in this episode?" [Though I think we've just had the answer to this].
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[22:17:55] <MrBiffo> Yes, you did! We printed them out and laminated them, and aged them and everything.
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[22:18:50] <Glyn> JohnVeness "Was there ever a thought to try and get the real GJ (Pete Ace) doing some location filming?"
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[22:20:08] <MrBiffo> Oh, I'd have loved to. But he lives in Tampa, I believe. I did toy with flying out there to film with him, but I thought the backers would killed me, because it would've looked like they'd just paid for a holiday. Plus, my children would kill me if I went to Florida without them.
[22:20:41] <Glyn> snoozysoft "Will some of the shorter skits and bits ever be expanded upon? I'd like to see some more elaboration on the xenoxxxverse holidays (e.g. hammer day)"
[22:21:15] <MrBiffo> Probably not in all honesty! What's there is what you get. I like those small things which exist with no explanation.
[22:21:33] <MrBiffo> C'mon - questions for Violet too! She's a legend!
[22:22:11] <Glyn> PixelGuff "MrBiffo: How hard did you laugh when you got your first recording back from Pete?"
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[22:24:15] <MrBiffo> I think I was shocked, more than amused, by how good it was. I have to say I was spoiled by it. I thought all the Fiverr people would be that good... I was wrong! Hopefully I made a virtue of that fact.
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[22:25:41] <Glyn> I have a question for Violet! I seem to recall on Bad Influence you once assembled a Mega Drive and both add-ons. But the footage was speeded up, do recall how long the full process took to install a Mega CD and 32X?
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[22:26:47] <VioletBerlin> Not really, although I had the full kit myself at home and remember always thinking it seemed a bit unnecessary and precarious - like JENGO
[22:26:55] <VioletBerlin> (spores)
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[22:27:40] <VioletBerlin> I have a question for Biffo -- where did the names for the characters come from?
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[22:28:05] <VioletBerlin> Faktori - Molotov - theoneIcanneverremember
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[22:29:17] <MrBiffo> Well... glad you asked that. Orlokk was a Judge Dredd character from the Soviet version of Dredd's Mega-City One. I seem to remember there was a Russian Judge called Traktorfaktori at one point too. And Molotov is just a go-too Russian-sounding name. Because... vodka.
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[22:29:54] <VioletBerlin> So it was important to you that they all sounded a bit Russian?
[22:30:57] <MrBiffo> Yeah, I mean... in my head, the people in the Xenoxxx universe all speak Russian. So, when you see them using the Stars and Stripes, that's their messed-up attempt to appeal to the Americans on our world.
[22:31:42] <VioletBerlin> How long did it take you to write the first draft of the script?
[22:31:58] <VioletBerlin> (sorry I'll stop asking questions after this)
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[22:32:33] <MrBiffo> Hmm. Not sure. A day or two maybe to get it down. I'm pretty fast. Then I kept tinkering... and sending you cast members a million different versions.
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[22:33:02] <MrBiffo> I've got a question for you: how easy was it to learn your lines?
[22:33:21] <VioletBerlin> I'm ashamed to say I didn't actually learn them.
[22:33:27] <VioletBerlin> in advance, I mean.
[22:33:55] <VioletBerlin> There weren't that many so I just did it on the day. This is because
[22:34:21] <VioletBerlin> I iddn't know how much they might change. (some directors change loads etc.). If you have learned lines VERY thoroughly then it is much harder when they change.
[22:34:50] <VioletBerlin> I was amazed at how well the three actors knew their lines. Amazed.
[22:35:39] <VioletBerlin> But I'm pleased you think I learned them !!!!
[22:35:52] <MrBiffo> Jesse, who played Faktori, deserves massive props; the whole speech in the tunnel at the beginning was thrust upon him when Yiannis (Orlokk) wasn't available.
[22:36:16] <MrBiffo> How he managed that splurge of exposition I'll never know.
[22:36:19] <VioletBerlin> Yeah and he must have been so tired at that stage.
[22:36:33] <MrBiffo> Yep. Right at the end of day two.
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[22:37:08] <VioletBerlin> We got the train back together to London and I felt like I could barely stand and I'd done a tenth of what he had. We were both wandering around Birmingham New Street like zombies.
[22:37:43] <MrBiffo> Exhaustion doesn't cover it. Everyone worked so hard.
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[22:38:19] <VioletBerlin> Yeah everyone
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[22:38:59] <Glyn> MatthewSmith "So, Lord Brannigan-7 and Goujon John; are they still lurking somewhere out there in the multiverse?"
[22:39:56] <MrBiffo> All I can say is... it's left deliberately open-ended. Lord Brannigan-7 was featured - with a definitive end - in the first draft of the Finale, but I removed him to leave it open. Goujon John is an AI. I'd say he could've definitely survived...
[22:40:43] <Glyn> liverandonions "Will there be a Christmas single this year?"
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[22:41:45] <MrBiffo> Hmm. At the moment I'm saying no... but it was a lot of fun last year... so I'll leave it at that.
[22:41:57] <Glyn> JohnVeness "Forgive me if this was explained on screen and I'm just being slow, but what exactly were we bums? Were they born like that, or were they previously human Xenoxxx employees that got infected? What was my motivation, Mr Director?"
[22:43:01] <MrBiffo> Yes, they got infected and turned into the bum-faced things. The bumcrawlers were the first stage, and they carry the virus. You would've seen Faktori become one if we'd not run out of time.
[22:43:20] <MrBiffo> And you would've seen bumcrawlers in action.
[22:43:50] <Glyn> While we're on that topic, how do the bums from the bum farm fit in?
[22:44:58] <MrBiffo> Well, that's one of the ads for our world; the people of our Earth were meant to be infected with bad goujons, which would've given them such bad diarrhoea that their arses would've exploded, and so Xenoxxx would start selling diarrohea 360-proof bums. All organically grown on Baxter's Bum Farm!
[22:45:20] <Glyn> Wonderful!
[22:45:27] <Glyn> PeterkVT80 "If we decide on a hard goujon, would we have to revert to WTO rules?"
[22:45:47] <MrBiffo> See? it wasn't all just random poo jokes! There was a reason for it all. Mostly...
[22:45:57] -!- DaveJustice [DaveJustice!3306802d@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #foundfootageqa
[22:46:14] <MrBiffo> Jesus, Peter! Too cerebral for this time of night.
[22:46:42] <Glyn> I for one never thought any of it was random poo jokes...
[22:46:56] <Glyn> chriswyatt "What future plans do you have with expanding the Xenoxxx multiverse, e.g. web comics or maybe another series?"
[22:47:25] -!- KaravanPark has quit [Read error]
[22:49:33] <GoujonJohn> As VioletBerlin has to dash soon, Glyn could we have questions specifically for her first please
[22:49:36] <MrBiffo> I've got loads of ideas. I thought a book would be awesome. But as always it's a question of time and money. I know that I really, really want to do a full-length, low-budget, film. In fact, I started writing the outline today. And yes - there are connections to the Xenoxxxverse. And I'm also - hopefully - going to be directing a short set in the w
[22:49:37] <MrBiffo> orld... but which has been written by Chris Bullock who was our sound recordist. I may do another series - but it'd be very, very different.
[22:50:22] <Glyn> Nikki "I'm curious about how Violet originally got involved with Digi. What's the story there?"
[22:50:31] <MrBiffo> Violet: over to you...
[22:50:34] -!- Horsenburger has quit [Read error]
[22:53:47] <GoujonJohn> VioletBerlin: time for one more question? If you have to dash, thank you for being here tonight, it's been a pleasure to have you here!
[22:53:53] <VioletBerlin> To cut a very long story short, I was a massive fan of Digitiser as soon as it started. I was curious about who could be behind it so I hunted Biffo and Hairs down at a trade show and stalked them until they would be my friend. Eventually by a miracle they asked me to write a weekly page for Digi.
[22:54:21] <VioletBerlin> That's a mega edit of the story.
[22:54:32] <Glyn> CJJC "Violet, what are your fondest memories of the finale, from Biffo first getting in touch to now?"
[22:54:35] <MrBiffo> And then, somehow, we became mates.
[22:54:59] <VioletBerlin> Moral of the story: stalking works.
[22:55:48] <VioletBerlin> Fondest memories -- too many to say. I don't think I stopped beaming from the moment Biffo suggested it to well I'm still beaming.
[22:56:47] <Glyn> JohnVeness "Violet: who designed the look of your character? Was it given to you fully formed, or did you have input or change things?"
[22:57:00] <MrBiffo> My favourite memory was the first bum attack in the tunnel, when the bum monster is pinning Faktori to the ground. I was watching it on the monitor, and couldn't believe what I was seeing. It looked like a film. So epic.
[22:57:49] <VioletBerlin> I think what I will add to the last question is that the thing I didn't anticipate or realised is how amazing is the community that is around Biffo -- all the other people in the tunnels and on Twitter who are just as much a part of this erm 'movement'.
[22:57:51] -!- theoctopus_ has quit [Quit: theoctopus_]
[22:58:27] <VioletBerlin> Biffo: "it looked like a film" erm
[22:58:35] <VioletBerlin> but yeah definately
[22:58:39] <MrBiffo> Mr Biffo is a very lucky boy, and Found Footage has just shown me how lucky I am.
[22:59:15] <MrBiffo> Hah! I was talking about the lighting, colours and location. Not the bum monster trying to force a goujon in a man's mouth.
[23:00:06] <Glyn> CJJC "Violet, how does this stack up against working with Peter Gabriel?"
[23:00:30] <VioletBerlin> Did I do that?
[23:00:49] <VioletBerlin> erm hang on (accessing memory) - was it a game where i fell out of a suitcase?
[23:01:10] <MrBiffo> I was unaware of this also!
[23:01:10] <VioletBerlin> Well let's just say that this is more memorable but not as well paid
[23:01:25] <Glyn> "VioletBerlin in an interactive thing called Eve"
[23:01:32] <Glyn> CJJC
[23:02:11] <VioletBerlin> I've never seen it, but people told me about it. One weird day. Gotta go - catch you later. Bye everybody and thank you. Let's do this again with Andy Wear aka Nam Rood xxxx
[23:02:23] <MrBiffo> Thanks, you! x
[23:02:24] <Glyn> Thank you :)
[23:02:41] -!- VioletBerlin has quit [Read error]
[23:02:42] <MrBiffo> I'll hang on until half past, if there's anything more you want to ask.
[23:02:47] <Glyn> SpineyOS "One thing I've been trying to figure out is how the Elon Musk song fit in if everything in FF is set in and up to 1993?"
[23:04:20] <MrBiffo> Hah! Yeah, I had to rationalise that in my head too. I think Elon Musk is a sleeper agent created by Xenoxxx in a clone vat and sent to our world to sing the virtues of Xenoxxx once it arrives on our world...
[23:05:17] <Glyn> liverandonions "What happened to Simon Bates'
[23:05:18] <Glyn> "12" rating?"
[23:06:34] <MrBiffo> Heeeh. I skipped 12 as it was added later (wasn't it Gremlins that it was introduced following?). Mainly because I thought too much of him might be too much of a good thing. So to speak.
[23:07:07] -!- DaveJustice has quit [Read error]
[23:07:24] <Glyn> LV54Spacemonkey "Was there any Digitiser references thrown in that people haven't noticed as of yet?"
[23:08:34] <MrBiffo> Hmm. Not sure. It's pretty Digi-lite in terms of specific references. Obviously stuff like Funtron 8 (Man's Daddy) and Doctor Derek Doctors originated on Digi. As did Roaming Thomas.
[23:08:45] <MrBiffo> Rollo Benny was an old Digi character too.
[23:08:58] <Glyn> RFredW "Question: What determined which bits of the trailers didn't make the series
[23:10:25] <MrBiffo> To be honest... I dunno. I can't remember anything that was in the trailers which weren't in the series. There was one lost sequence - which I wasn't able to get back after I killed yet another laptop - and one sketch which you only see briefly (the Xenoxxx soldiers briefing, due to another technical issue.
[23:10:44] <MrBiffo> I also had a sketch with Hitler living in someone's fridge, but then Nazis started becoming popular again, so I ditched it.
[23:11:14] <Glyn> LV54Spacemonkey "Was there an attempt to get Andy Crane involved too for the Bad Influence
[23:11:26] <Glyn> Sorry, formatting messing up.
[23:12:43] <MrBiffo> I think Violet approached Andy. Or was at least intending to. Not sure what happened - whether she never did, or he just said no! I did try and get Keith Chegwin and Timmy Mallett in it, but never heard back.
[23:12:54] -!- mikec has quit [Ping timeout: 180 seconds]
[23:13:25] <Glyn> Eyebrows "In terms of famous faces from gaming we all grew up with there's one face I don't recall spotting in FF: did Dominic Diamond not want in, or did you not ask him, or something else?"
[23:14:25] <MrBiffo> I just didn't ask him. I thought about it... but just never got around to it really. It was already overstuffed with cameos.
[23:14:33] <Glyn> chriswyatt "Can you explain what inspired the goujon idea, or was it just a subconscious idea that popped into your head?"
[23:15:29] <MrBiffo> I can't in all honesty tell you where most of my ideas come from. Usually it's just a pairing of funny words that pop into my head. In this case "goujon" and "John". It just seemed funny and unwieldy as a phrase.
[23:15:50] <Glyn> MatthewSmith "Here's a geeky one: What was with everybody counting rapidly up to 10 in Advanced Strangulation?"
[23:15:59] <MrBiffo> See also "Turts & Phants", which popped into my head while driving one day, and I couldn't get it out until I'd written it down.
[23:16:06] <MrBiffo> Ohhhh... the counting... well...
[23:16:33] <MrBiffo> That comes from Digi. It was something we used to put in there because it made me and Mr Hairs laugh. 12345678910!
[23:16:37] <MrBiffo> But...
[23:17:19] <MrBiffo> ...in terms of its use here, I think it seems quite sinister, like it's some sort of hypnotic phrase they need to repeat. I'll leave the exact meaning of it up to interpretation.
[23:17:53] <Glyn> JohnVeness "Paul: You don't have to answer this now, but one day it'd be great to have a behind-the-scenes on the "ARG" side of things, like who was involved, anything we missed."
[23:18:47] -!- Graknorke has quit [Ping timeout: 180 seconds]
[23:19:34] -!- snoozysoft has quit [Read error]
[23:19:37] <MrBiffo> I had very little to do with the ARG side. I'll write a bit more about it on Digi - I just gave it a gentle steer. David Walford has written an article about how he made the Spectrum game, which I'll link to tomorrow.
[23:20:02] <Glyn> JohnVeness "When I was pitching FF to workmates, I definitely hit a "woah" moment when I realised I was working with video games developers who weren't born when Gamesmaster/Bad Influence were on."
[23:20:24] <MrBiffo> Terrifying!
[23:20:45] <MrBiffo> Right, 10 minutes, people - then I'm going to sleep. Hit me with your questions stick!
[23:21:07] -!- DoYouLikeChaps [DoYouLikeChaps!5ec112db@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has parted #foundfootageqa
[23:21:45] <Glyn> Cube: "was the implication that yuri had killed their dad in a dadpellet"
[23:21:54] -!- DoYouLikeChaps [DoYouLikeChaps!5ec112db@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #foundfootageqa
[23:22:40] <MrBiffo> What happened to the Masters' dad is one of the questions I'll leave hanging...
[23:23:09] -!- DoYouLikeChaps [DoYouLikeChaps!5ec112db@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has parted #foundfootageqa
[23:23:10] <Glyn> SpineyOS "Speaking of Dr Derek Doctors' appearance on FF, I had wondered about that. Is Biffovision yours or the BBC's? I loved that pilot and have forced many friends to watch it over the years."
[23:23:22] -!- DoYouLikeChaps [DoYouLikeChaps!5ec112db@Clk-77DEB94C.clients.kiwiirc.com] has joined #foundfootageqa
[23:24:03] <MrBiffo> Sadly, they own it, but given that they're never going to do anything with it I'm sure they won't mind him cropping up in FF as a still image. And of course in Biffovision he was PROFESSOR Derek Doctors.
[23:24:20] -!- gaz has quit [Read error]
[23:24:54] <Glyn> SpineyOS "Also: how did Danny Wallace end up being on this? I hadn't ever really got the impression he was much into games (and therefore Digi) before Assassin's Creed 2, but I could be woefully wrong there"
[23:25:35] <MrBiffo> Danny used to be a games journo! He sent me a nice message about Digi2000 when I returned, and followed me on Twitter... so I just asked. He was up for doing more!
[23:26:18] <Glyn> We're out of questions from everyone else so... what happens if one of those eggs hatches?
[23:27:28] <MrBiffo> Hah! Hmm... should I tell you about the eggs? And did you see the jar of eggs in the finale?
[23:27:49] <MrBiffo> Well... okay. Here's a spoiler to end this Q&A.
[23:27:55] <Glyn> You should tell me and I did see it it :D
[23:28:57] <MrBiffo> The people of the Xenoxxxverse have been genetically-engineered to lay eggs. Inside is the meat which is used in Goujon John's goujons. They're harmless if you eat your own - thus ending the food crisis on their planet - but cause diarrhoea 360 in anyone else...
[23:29:41] <Glyn> Can they hatch?
[23:29:55] <MrBiffo> No. You peel them and there's just raw meat in there.
[23:30:03] <Glyn> Thank you :)
[23:30:10] <GoujonJohn> Thank you, MrBiffo! And thank you Glyn for chairing the discussion! If you missed anything, chat logs are available at http://goujonjohn.com
[23:31:08] <MrBiffo> Right, thanks to "GoujonJohn" and Glyn for sorting this out, for Violet for being there, and everyone who contributed. If you still have questions, fire them at me on Twitter, or email them to me for Digi's Friday Letters Page - digitiser2000@gmail.com
[23:31:17] -!- Eyebrows has quit [Read error]
[23:31:19] <MrBiffo> Hope you liked my show. Bye then. Okay, bye. Bye!
[23:31:24] <MrBiffo> Bye then.
[23:31:29] <MrBiffo> Night, all.
[23:31:30] <MrBiffo> Night.
[23:31:36] <MrBiffo> Bye.
[23:31:38] <MrBiffo> Okay, bye.
[23:31:40] <MrBiffo> Goodnight.
[23:31:41] <MrBiffo> X
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[23:36:27] GoujonJohn changed topic of #foundfootageqa to: Q&A is done! Catch up at http://goujonjohn.com
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